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Chicago Web Design Firm

Welcome to Avola Technologies, where innovation meets design to create compelling web and mobile solutions. Established in 2012, our Chicago-based web design firm brings over 40 years of combined experience to the table, offering a wide range of services tailored to meet your digital aspirations. From startups to enterprise-level businesses, we understand the uniqueness of each project and strive to deliver unparalleled excellence.

Services Offered

Web Design and Development

At Avola Technologies, we believe your website is an extension of your brand's story. Our web design and development team crafts visually stunning and functionally robust websites, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.

E-commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions are designed to enhance your online store's user experience, with seamless shopping cart integration, secure payment processing, and an intuitive backend for effortless management.

Mobile App Development

In today's mobile-driven world, your business needs a presence on smartphones. We specialize in creating engaging mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms, from concept to launch and beyond.

SEO Services

To ensure your website ranks well in search engine results, our SEO services are designed to increase visibility and drive targeted traffic to your site.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services cover a wide range, from logo design to comprehensive branding solutions, ensuring your business stands out in a crowded marketplace.


Our portfolio showcases a collection of our most recent projects across various industries. Each project highlights our commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences.

Client Testimonials

Hear directly from those who have worked with us. Our client testimonials reflect our dedication to not just meeting, but exceeding expectations.

Team Members

Our team comprises talented designers, skilled developers, and experienced project managers. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for technology, ensuring your project is in capable hands from start to finish.

Contact Information

  • Address: Chicago, IL
  • Phone Number: 1.847.881.6065
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Social Media Links: Follow us to stay up-to-date with our latest projects and technology insights.


Our pricing models include both standard packages and custom quotes, ensuring flexibility to meet the budgetary requirements of our clients.


Initial Consultation

The journey begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your project's scope and objectives.

Design Phase

Our design team transforms your vision into a visual prototype, focusing on usability and aesthetics.

Development Phase

Our developers bring the design to life, ensuring performance and functionality across all platforms.


We value your feedback. The revision phase allows us to refine and tweak until everything is just right.


The big moment. We ensure a smooth launch, followed by monitoring and immediate support for any issues.

Technologies Used

Our technology stack is diverse, utilizing the latest programming languages, content management systems, and design tools to bring your projects to fruition.

At Avola Technologies, we're more than just a web design firm; we're a partner in your digital journey. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life with innovative solutions that deliver real results. Let's create something amazing together.

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