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Nanaimo Web Designer

Nanaimo Web Designer

What is a Nanaimo Web Designer?

Web designers design and code websites that gets the websites going on the web and beyond. We consider the best website designers from our office in North Nanaimo, British Columbia. Our design teams come from all around the world, but we use web management in Nanaimo. Next time that you are surfing the website and wondering how the website you are on are built, know that a Nanaimo web designer made it all possible.

What do Seo Website Designers do on Vancouver Island?

If you are looking for an search engine optimized website, then you need an seo website designer to create and optimize the designs, content and search engine integration. Typically, seo-web-designers connect websites with GOOGLE developers, BING webmasters and ensure that crawling is unhampered and the sitemap is accurate and roughly reflects pages that are indexed. Don’t settle for a cheap web-design that never delivers a return on investment. Only use professional designers in Nanaimo.

What does 123 Marketing Charge for Website Design in South Nanaimo?

At 123 Marketing, we charge reasonable fees for web-design services from our British Columbia location. For a one page website we charge $500 plus GST. This includes a contact form that captures web leads and sends the information to your inbox in real time. For a 10 page website, we charge $1500 plus GST that includes a functional blog and contact form. We also create custom websites for larger sites that have features relevant to the website and brand.

Does 123 Marketing Create Ecommerce Websites?

Yes, we make 123 Marketing ecommerce sites that deliver a return on investment. We typically use WordPress and Woo Commerce to deliver a solution that has minimal monthly costs and is easily customizable. This common set of internet plug-ins comes together nicely and allows for integration of all your favorite apps, plugins and programs.

Nanaimo Web Designer
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