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5 Essential Questions To Ask Before We Hire A Web Designer

The process of attempting to hire a web designer is not always an easy one and we need to know as much as possible about their credentials before making any kind of decision. That's why it behooves us to take the time to learn more about the questions that need to be asked before we embark on the process.

So what are the most essential questions that need to be asked before we hire a web designer? Let's take a closer look at the following queries, so that we have the chance to hire the best possible web designer for our personal needs.

1) Have You Handled a Site Like Ours Before?

In a perfect world, the web designer that we hire should have a great deal of experience in our chosen niche. We should never be taking any sort of risks in these types of scenarios. A web designer that has never dealt with the type of website that we are looking to build is not someone that should be trusted. Allowing ourselves to become the guinea pig for someone else's web design company is simply not in our best interests.

2) Can You Provide Examples of Past Work?

The web designer may have told you that they have experience when it comes to the niche that we are trying to cater to. However, we need to be taking the time to find out more about this experience for ourselves. For starters, we need to be asking pointed questions about their past work and if the web designer is not willing to provide access to it? This is a sign that we need to look elsewhere.

3) How Will You Optimize Our Website?

This is a question that should not even have to be asked in most instances. The web designer should be listing all of the ways that they can optimize a company's website within the early stages of the initial consultation meeting. A potential client who wants to learn more may want to ask further questions. The best web designers are able to list multiple ways that they can optimize a website without breaking a sweet.

4) Are High Google Rankings Guaranteed?

Questions like these are designed to flush out all of the charlatans who are most likely to be selling their clients a container full of snake oil. There is no web designer on the planet who can provide their client with any sort of guarantee when it comes to their Google search engine rankings. Any web designer that does is not someone that should ever be trusted under any circumstances.

5) How Responsive Is The Site Going To Be?

The level of responsiveness that the site provides is going to tell the story in most instances. The average browser will not want to waste any of their time on a website that does not offer them the ability to enjoy the requisite level of responsiveness. The site should be equally responsive across all platforms and allow the browser to gain access on their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

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